Barre "SHAKE"

Embrace the "SHAKE"! Push past your comfort zone and work those muscles to the limit!
Ballet Barre workouts give you a highly effective, low-impact total body workout. Increase your core strength, flexibility, balance and posture.
You get everything all in one! Aim for the BURN & SHAKE in each barre workout and achieve maximum results!

  • Fitness Method Preview - Online Barre Workouts

  • 5 Minute Thigh Burner

    Get ready to feel the burn and strengthen those thighs and legs. In just 5 minutes you will experience the best Leg Day - while working out your calves, legs, thighs and booty - Yes - all in 5 minutes! Try it today!

  • Best Butt Workout

    Glute strength is the key to injury prevention! Besides a sculpted and toned booty, strong glutes protect the body from injury and pain as they support and stabilize your hips. Glute exercises can help reduce lower back pain, improve your posture to help strengthen your back and prevent slouching.

  • Pulsing Pliés

    Bend those knees...You’ll feel every bit the ballerina once you learn how to perform the perfect Plié squat. This signature move is a highly effective, low impact way to trim & tone your booty and thighs!
    Plié exercises are great for strengthening & toning your glutes and legs, and also promoting...

  • Rock the Plank

    Rock the Plank with the Queen of planks! With mind-over-matter, you will achieve a Full-Body workout while strengthening and toning your core, arms, legs & back. It's a win-win for you. Take the challenge today!

  • Standing Leg series with Chair