Fitness Methods

  • Ballet Barre Pilates

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    Ballet Barre Pilates workout videos increase your upper and lower body strength with low impact, highly-targeted movements—they also are the perfect way to tone your glutes, legs and calves! This at-home ballet barre workout combines the sculpting elements of Pilates, the toning benefits of Barre...

  • The Barre Scene

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    Burn fat, sculpt & tone your body with super-effective Barre workouts at-home! Anytime, Anyplace.
    Combining Ballet-inspired moves with Pilates and Cardio, get all the benefits of a Barre class here!
    Get great results with highly targeted routines for your booty, legs & abs. For all fitness level...

  • Bodyweight is King

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    Perfect those side-planks, reverse planks, hip-dips and activate those obliques! Full-body conditioning and killer core strengthening are within reach. Bodyweight exercises only require mind over matter.

  • Mat Pilates

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    Sculpt your body, tone and burn fat—all while strengthening your mind-body connection!
    Our top certified and A-list boutique fitness instructors bring you exclusive, highly coveted Mat Pilates classes right into your home. Using your own bodyweight for resistance, Pilates focuses on small, isome...

  • Serious Sculpt

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    Discover how to sculpt your arms, legs, booty and abs⁠—with highly targeted body-sculpting online workouts. No gym required for these fun and challenging low-impact classes that deliver amazing results!

  • Stretch & Recovery Workouts

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    Pre and post workout stretch classes produce a wide range of physical benefits and can have a positive effect on your overall well-being. Looking to improve your fitness performance or decrease muscle soreness? Just want a great stretch?
    These online stretching classes provide a deep and extensiv...

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  • Fitness Method Preview - Mat Pilates

    Mat Pilates gives you all the amazing benefits of Pilates without the machines. You’ll sculpt your body, tone and burn fat—all while strengthening your mind-body connection. It’s a win-win for your wellness.
    At BodyselfieTV, we aim to bring out your Pilates Passionista with everything you need to...

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